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Roanoke Sports Injury Treatment at Peak Performance Chiropractic & WellnessRoanoke Sports Injury

A sports injury can do far more than simply put you on bench. In addition to depriving you of the athletic endeavors you love, acute or chronic musculoskeletal or neuromuscular injuries can affect your ability to sleep, put in a day's work or accomplish even simple everyday household tasks. Whether you just injured yourself yesterday or you've been struggling with nagging pain for a long time, Peak Performance chiropractic & Wellness can rid you of those disabling symptoms and get you back into the game of life through our natural, non-invasive Roanoke sports injury treatment.

Game Called on Account of Pain: Understanding Sports Injuries

Some sports injuries can hobble you in an instant, or they may develop slowly and insidiously over the months and years. A sudden, dramatic event such as a catastrophic stumble or hard-hitting tackle can do serious damage to your joints, muscles and spinal column, forcing vertebral joints out of their normal alignment and putting enough pressure on discs to cause herniation. Herniated or dislocated discs may also press against sensitive nerve roots, sending shooting pains, weakness and other symptoms into your upper or lower extremities. Sprains (damage to muscles or tendons) and strains (damage to ligaments) can produce agonizing pain and stiffness -- and without proper rehabilitation, clumps of scar tissue may grow over the injury, limiting your pain-free range of motion.

Many chronic sports injuries stem from overuse (or incorrect use) of the afflicted area. Soft tissue injuries such as plantar fasciitis, tennis elbow, golfer's elbow and carpal tunnel syndrome occur when a particular motion (a club or racket swing, for example) causes repeated small tears in tissue fibers, eventually creating a constant state of inflammation and pain. Improper spinal alignment can contribute to the problem by placing your body sufficiently off balance to interfere with an optimal sports technique and make you injury prone.

Natural Pain Relief and Rehabilitation From Our Chiropractor in Roanoke

Our chiropractor in Roanoke, Dr. Joshua Rhodes, can provide you with non-surgical, drug-free pain relief and injury rehabilitation techniques so you can return to your favorite activities. An evaluation of your symptoms, balance, gait, stance and spinal alignment can help you pinpoint the problem's location, probably cause and remedies. Our Roanoke chiropractor can prescribe immediate care for acute pain relief or devise a personalized treatment program for a chronic injury. Our options include:

  • Chiropractic adjustments to relieve spinal joint pain and normalize your alignment/posture
  • Orthotics to restore normal balance and weight distribution if your feet need extra support
  • Spinal decompression therapy can take the pinch off of nerves, easing neurological problems
  • SpiderTech Tape to support injured muscles and relieve pain
  • Graston Technique to release tissues trapped by old scar tissue

Schedule Your Sports Injury Treatment in Roanoke

Our Roanoke chiropractor is ready to help you put that sports injury aside and start having fun again. Call 540-526-7479 to schedule your sports injury treatment in Roanoke!

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