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Auto Accident Injury Treatment in Roanoke

Immediately after a car accident, most people are in a mild state of shock and confusion and may or may not feel pain right away due to the massive influx of adrenaline. However, as the shock wears off and your mind and body attempt to return to a state of normalcy, that pain is likely to surface. Auto collisions typically involve the transfer of a tremendous amount of force to the body. This can cause a variety of conditions and symptoms to occur including spinal misalignment, soft tissue damage, strained muscles, whiplash and herniated discs. If you have been involved in a collision it’s essential that you seek auto accident injury treatment in Roanoke right away to alleviate your symptoms and prevent further complications.

impacts of auto accident injuries from peak performance chiropractor in hayward ca

The Impact of a Car Accident

Auto accidents can literally have a major impact on your musculoskeletal and nervous system’s functioning. Even with a secured seat belt, the your body typically flies forward  and then back suddenly,  which can harms discs, muscles, and nerve endings. If you don’t see a car accident chiropractor in Roanoke, VA for treatment right away, your pain could become unbearable. In fact, the shocking impact of the collision can cause neurological issues ranging from the more severe cauda equine syndrome to nerve impingement syndromes like sciatica. These issues can cause numbness, tingling, and intense pain along nerve roots.

Whiplash Treatment

Our chiropractic clinic in Roanoke most commonly sees auto accident patients suffering from whiplash. This condition occurs due to the sudden jolt of the impact as your head gets quickly ‘whipped’ back and forth. Whiplash is caused by small muscle tears in the neck that can result not only in tremendous pain, but secondary conditions like migraine headaches, jaw dysfunction, tinnitus and even impaired vision. Getting whiplash treatment as soon as possible is advised to avoid further symptoms.

How Our Chiropractor in Roanoke, VA Can Help

Our car accident chiropractor in Roanoke, Dr. Joshua Rhodes, has the skills and expertise to assist you with most injuries associated with automobile accident injuries. We offer non-invasive chiropractic techniques including manual adjustments to realign the spine and neck. We also use other tools like Graston, Spinal Decompression and SpiderTech taping to help you get pain relief fast.

Call Performance Healthcare Chiropractic Clinic in Roanoke for Relief

If you've been in an auto accident and want to get the best treatment and pain relief as quickly as possible, call us here at Performance Healthcare at  540-526-7479, and we'll get you back on track with non-invasive, natural therapies.

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