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Sports Injury Treatment in Roanoke, VA

When you enjoy playing a sport, you may face injuries from contact with other players, falls or even repetitive motions. By working with our chiropractor in Roanoke, Dr. Josh Rhodes, you address injuries and encourage your body to heal. At our clinic, we offer a variety of options to address your discomfort and heal your injuries.

Roanoke Sports Injury

Common Sports Injuries

Our chiropractor recognizes that a variety of injuries occur when engaging in a sport. By knowing the common injuries that may cause physical pain or complications with your health, you take measures to address the discomfort and encourage your body to heal.

Common injuries you may develop from sports activities include:

  • Neck injuries, such as whiplash or strained muscles in the neck
  • Back injuries, which may occur while lifting heavy objects, engaging in a sport or practicing for a sport
  • Concussions, particularly in contact sports like football
  • Shin splints, which may occur in soccer or related sports
  • Knee injuries, which cause physical pain and may impact your ability to walk
  • Tennis or golf elbow, which occurs from repetitive motions
  • Tears in the muscles or ligaments

Dr. Rhodes will provide treatments based on your specific injuries and the optimal combination of techniques to address your condition.

Impact of Treatment

The results of treatment depend on the injuries you sustained. We will focus on your unique needs to provide a personalized course of treatment. Dr. Rhodes may recommend chiropractic adjustments or spinal manipulation to help with neck and back pain. We may use chiropractic adjustments to address improper spinal alignment. Sports injures could also benefit from decompression therapy, taping to prevent further injuries or orthotics to restore your balance and gate. Treatments for muscle or ligament damage may also utilize soft tissue manipulation, massage, or physical therapy. The key to healing and pain relief is focusing on the injuries and addressing the underlying concerns that cause your discomfort.

Preventing Sports Injuries

Our chiropractor may also consider treatments to prevent further injuries. Dr. Rhodes can teach you stretches and exercises to prevent injuries and strengthen your body. We also focus on helping you retain your flexibility and mobility, even after an injury. By addressing the injuries and encouraging improvements to your movements, you have a lower risk of pain and repeat injuries in the future.

Choose Our Chiropractor in Roanoke for Sports Injury Treatment

Your road to recover starts with making an appointment with Dr. Rhodes. In our clinic, we provide the assistance you need to heal and recover. To learn more or to set up an appointment, contact us at 540-526-7479 today!

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